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Have a fledgling role-player hungry for adventure? Join the Youth RPG Club!

Starting June 3rd, every Monday after 3:30pm we will be helping to guide kids and teens into the world of tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs). Roleplaying games allow us to practice and grow primary skills (such as reading, math, creative problem solving & deduction), in addition to our social skills (such as improve, teamwork & empathy), all while playing! Make new friends and meet people who share an interest in fun and imagination. We hope to build a core group of similar ages that can comfortably learn to find and grow their own unique personalities in addition to their gaming knowledge!

Young adventurers will be guided into RPGs using rules-light systems (such as those used games like ROOT), working their way up to the more complex tactical gaming systems (such as Dungeons & Dragons).

Club meetings are held in our back gaming room. Parents are always welcomed to accompany their child (and maybe pick up a few new skills)! We generally meet for two hours, although longer club meetings will be scheduled ahead of time for actual roleplay sessions.

Club dues are $40 for the month, paid in advance by a parent or legal guardian.

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