About Us

Mana Cloud is a small, independently owned brick & mortar store located in the magical Willamette Valley, Oregon. We share our store space with co-retailer Brick & Sundry.

As a geek boutique we offer a curated mix of different nerd-focused merchandise, including (but not limited to):
– Armor – clothing & accessory wear
– Items – toys/figs, gaming & lifestyle accessories
– Quests – board/tabletop games, gaming space, and fantasy, sci-fi & gaming books

Our partner Brick & Sundry offer lego by the brick, comics, & collectible figures.

Oh yeah, you betcha we have gaming tables to play on! Our current policies & general info for table spaces are:

  • Our two main-room tables are available free-to-play or by reservation
    Got a game you want to bring in and play? If a table is available, it is free to come in and use! However, since the tables are first-come-first-serve, we recommend making a reservation if you want to make sure it will be available within a certain time frame. Our window table hosts 4 players, up to 6-max if requested. We also have a taller table (perfect for standing at like war games) that hosts 6-max, if seated.
  • Private game room is available by reservation-only
    We also have a private game room, great for more immersive role-playing games or larger board & war games! Table includes a TV screen for loading maps onto (USB compatible). The game room can seat 8 comfortably, and is available for $8 per hour, with awarded store credit (see below for details on reservation benefits).
  • LFG
    Looking for other people to play with? Try our Mana Cloud Discord LFG channel! We also have a community board near the entrance that features an open invite for events. Be sure to keep an eye out for either players or hosts for games, or post your own!

Reservations are $4 an hour for either of the two main-room tables, and $10 an hour for the private game room. Half of the reservation price will go into the reserver’s account as store credit, which they can use to purchase snacks or merchandise at any time. Reservations will also award double customer loyalty points!

Looking for a hosted game? Currently we have two resident Dungeon/Game Masters to help guide you through adventures unknown! We host weekly in-store games available to the public. Check our current event schedule on the homepage to see what games we are running this month!

Want something outside the community events? Visit the store or chat with our GMs directly in our Discord server to see what we can schedule as either a public or private game; we are versed in many different systems, and learning more all the time. Costs for private gaming sessions may vary.

Often, yes (but not always)!

Though sometimes we are unable to take on more of certain types, we generally accept new, used, and home-crafted merchandise. We are open to working with cash, trade, or consignment, but may not always offer all three options, depending on the item(s).

Merchandise we are accepting will vary. Though we may make exceptions for some products, we are generally most interested in:

  • Quality: Good to mint-condition
  • Mediums: Board games, TTRPGs, fan collectibles, etc.
  • Genre: All things nerdy! Fantasy, sci-fi, horror, cult-classic, gaming, etc.

We do not take used:

  • Stuffed animals
  • Trading cards
  • Video games (though we may make some ultra rare exceptions)