Free RPG Day 2024

Mana Cloud LGS Free RPG Day 2024 Poster

Ready your provisions for FREE RPG DAY 2024

This June 22, stop by the store to claim your free exclusive 2024 item! Doors open at 11am.

We’ll also be hosting games throughout the day between 12-8pm, guided by GM Travis, GM Isaiah, and guest GM Jilone! Anticipate between 2-4 hours per gaming session. We will not charge to play games this day, but there is a suggested starting buy-in price of $10 per person, per game for those who would like the opportunity to support their friendly local gaming store and their game masters

While you’re in, why not take a gander at the book nook? All roleplaying books will be on sale for RPG day, up to 20% off!

RPG Day Loot Table

Free to every guest:1 free RPG Day item
With purchase (per every $20):1 additional item
With purchase ($50+):1 rare-drop book + Avatar dice pair
With purchase ($100+):1 Foam Brain Games pin*
With RPG merch purchase ($100+):1 crystal dragon minifig set for 1st two of the day*
With purchase ($200+)1 deluxe dice accessory kit for 1st of the day*
Quantities are limited. All items are first-come-first-serve, available while supplies last. No pre-holds taken.
*To spread out rare/low quantity items, only 1 of these rewards will be available per person/transaction.


The Marquise de Cat led her armies to victory over many of the clearings, but the Eyrie Dynasties rise again to oppose her. Meanwhile, the mice, rabbits, and foxes of the Woodland do not sit idly by – the Woodland Alliance, a homegrown rebellion, has emerged, promising to free the Woodland from any oppressors..

More info & reserve a seat for this game


Dying is easy, living is hard and pain is a given…
The sci-fi universe of Cold & Dark is a frightening and violent world. In the reaches of space the protagonists have to face known as well as unknown horrors. 

More info & reserve a seat for this game


Ever dream of being an epic wizard on a way cray adventure with your super weird, super powerful wiz peeps? Stop dreaming and get off the bus; armed with only your sick wizard hat and bizzaro spellbook, your gonna need all the creative problem solving skills you got before things get ba-nay-nay…

More info & reserve a seat for this game


The latest from Portland’s TTRPG game/accessory publisher, 1985 Games!
Inspired between the rich worlds weaved by Studio Ghibli and the Legend of Zelda comes Obojima: Tales from the Tall Grass. Explore Okiri village in this quick 5e compatible adventure set on the whimsical island of Obojima!

More info & reserve a seat for this game


Step into your powered armor and grab your magic-infused laser rifle as you investigate the mysteries of a weird universe with your bold starship crew. You and your team will need all your wits, combat skill, and magic to make it through…

More info & reserve a seat for this game


A homebrewed 5e D&D one-shot inspired by MÖRK BORG.
You will be playing gritty heroes of a dying fantasy world, on a futile expedition to retrieve an artifact that could rekindle hope for your kingdom. There is treachery in your ranks. Each player will be given secret objectives. Betrayal is inevitable.

More info & reserve a seat for this game

Social Media Giveaway

We’re giving away 2 sets of these event-exclusive Legend of Drizzt dice to 2 lucky winners! This contest is exclusive to social media, but because we love our gaming community, we’re giving everyone the chance to roll with advantage (IE, anyone can get TWO chances to win)! Contest ends at 7pm 6/22, with the winners announced in-store and on our socials later that night.

Note: dice will be available only for pick-up in-store.

Meta Users: For those with a Facebook and/or Instagram account, we are giving away one set of dice in our Meta giveaway. To enter, locate our contest post on either platform from 6/15, and like, tag, and follow it before the contest ends. Winner will be drawn randomly.

Discord users: Our Discord contest will be a community-vote to determine the winner. To enter, go to our Mana Cloud Discord server and submit a brief story about your favorite critical-role moment from a pen-and-paper roleplaying game (for example, how a natural 1 or natural 20 roll dramatically affected the outcome). Afterward, add a Heart reaction to your favorite contest-submission post, which will be considered your vote. You may add a reaction to your own post, but your submission will not be eligible for consideration as a winning entry if you don’t submit a vote for another user as well.

Can’t get enough gaming? In addition to ongoing weekly games hosted here at the store, we also intend to host a second Free RPG Day (pt. II) later this Summer to demo a new set of games. YIPEE!

Psst: Don’t forget to join the Discord to stay in the loop of events, updates, & other jolly goods.

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