Mini Lego Masters Competition (EVENT ENDED)

Join us for our first Mini Lego Master building challenge!

May 25th we will be hosting a Lego building competition in two time slots: once at 12-3pm, and again from 4-7pm*.

Builds will consist of a single model. Prior to the competition, we will collect submissions from the community of WHAT we will be building, which will be randomly selected at the start of the competition. The winner of each round will receive an out-of-print Lego set prize!

Entry fee is $30 per competition to enter. With this, recipients will get to keep one pound of random assorted Lego pieces from which to build with!

Since space is limited, we encourage participants to reserve their seat early. You can reserve your spot in the competition in store or by selecting the time in which you would like to participate in the drop-down below:


*Note: In keeping with the spirit of having a competition, the two event time slots may be combined into one in the event of too low of participation. We will contact all registrants a day before the competition begins if there will be any schedule changes.

Want to submit an idea of what our builders should construct? We are now accepting suggestions through our Mana Cloud Discord! You can also stop by May 25th before we draw (before 12pm and before 4pm) to add your submission in person. This is a competition for all audiences. While we encourage creative liberties taken with submissions, we reserve the right to withhold inappropriate or overly abstract subject matter from the drawing.


This contest is open to all ages! Children will require a parent or legal guardian to sign up and pay admission fees.

There will be two individual contests held this day (12-3pm & 4-7pm). Each contest will have one winner, with one prize awarded to them. At the end of each build challenge, Lego builds will be judged, with the winner announced at the end of the competition. Prizes will be awarded at the time of announcement. Winner’s will each receive one retired Star Wars Lego set, original MSRP $55.

All bricks will be provided for this competition: one pound of random assorted Lego bricks per entry fee. Individual bricks may not be traded or swapped prior to or during the competition. Participants may only use the Lego bricks provided to them for this challenge; the use of any outside building material will automatically disqualify the builder from the competition that day.

Participants may bring with them a build mat or box from which to more comfortably work on. For the randomly-selected subject matter, we will provide a central media device for builders to use for model reference, but builders are also welcome to use their own devices for referential material.

With entry fee, contest participants will receive a pound of random Lego pieces from which to build with. The build subject matter will be randomly selected and announced to participants prior to the start of the competition. After the subject matter has been announced, builders will then be given 2 hours to start and complete their build, after which judging will begin.

Aside from the store Lego competition hosts who will be judging the builds, we will also have the present community participate in the judging process.

We will be asking all voters to score from 1-10 based on the builds perceived skill level, how accurately it represents the subject, how many pieces were used of those given, and the judge’s overall personal impression of the piece. Scores will the be counted, and a winner announced that day.

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